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Cottony fashions is a manufacturer for a variety of clothing products with a consortium working under us. Our mission is to create distinct products with purpose and use exports to bring value to the nation. Additionally, we strive to create job opportunities, both directly and through our suppliers, to strengthen our communities and people.

We offer customer-focused supplying solutions to some of the most well-known fashion brands around the world. Our business development centers and production plants strive to provide our clientele with innovation, creativity, and quality, accompanied by a flexible production approach.


Commitment is the major force that has driven us a long distance in this field. Commitment is the backbone of Cottony Fashions


Objective is our only focus. We work with this focus at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Timelines are very essential and crucial part of our survival in this industry. We operate on timelines, meeting our quality standard within the provided deadline.


Tactful employees render a dedicated service for the customers and well experienced in providing the projected output at the stipulated instant.


Optimistic thinking leads Cottony Fashions effectively into its path and takes it into a new dimension in troubleshooting and executing the orders.


Nurturing technicians work effortful in bringing out the best out of our products with the finest of quality in benefiting the customers.


Yield is the primary focus of everyone at Cottony Fashions. Working with involvement and interest furnishes the product and it is exhibited in the final yield.